Vanessa Bell

First Home Buyers Tips with Vanessa Bell

Vanessa’s advice on all the things to consider when thinking about applying for finance.

This video is packed full of great advice for first time buyers. Vanessa gives lots of practical tips and questions to ask yourself before you commit to a mortgage. Her main tip in this video is to practice having a mortgage in the lead up to purchasing your property. This way you can get used to not spending the money that will be going towards your mortgage and it will help boost your deposit. Lots of people are afraid of committing to a mortgage because they don’t want their lifestyle to change too much. Vanessa reassures buyers that they can do it and by practicing before hand you can prove to yourself you can make the commitment. Once the mortgage starts coming out of your account you won’t even feel the pinch. With her vast experience of the mortgage market Vanessa provides lots of other useful insights about bank managers, credit ratings, postcode restrictions and the importance of communicating with your lender. Before making any final decisions to purchase watch this video and consider some of Vanessa’s great ideas carefully. Get practicing on those mortgage repayments and you will be a property owner in no time.

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