Vanessa Bell

How to get the right mortgage product with Vanessa Bell

How to get the right mortgage product with Vanessa Bell, property finance expert, Sydney.

All the different costs which can be hidden in a mortgage.

Buyer beware! With so many mortgage products on the market some may seem far more appealing than others. However, a buyer must look deeper within all mortgages there are hidden costs. Vanessa cleverly sheds some light on the potential hidden costs, you may encounter if you consider changing your mortgage. She gives details about all the various fees, which mortgages may have, and really encourages you to make sure you know all the costs before signing up with a particular lender. Vanessa also warns against being persuaded by the bells and whistles of certain loans, you may be paying for features, which you don’t actually need. This video is really useful for both new buyers and current owners and helps you consider the way in which your loan in structured. The structure of your loan needs to match your needs and there are so many products on the market a buyer can afford to be fussy and pick something that perfectly suits their situation and investment goals.

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